i'm almost too tired to type. look, even the caps are getting omitted. screw you, caps! punctuation can stay though. for now. i guess.

i should be going to bed now. so this is all i have for you. just relish in the fact that you have way more free time than i do. and don't tell me that i shouldn't have gone into architecture if it makes me so tired. *crosses arms* you've just been denied access to all of my future structures. *hmph*

more pics to come soon though, because some cool crap has been going on at school. and by cool crap, i'm talking about C's and my project. we're gonna show the boys just how much girls can do. :oP on dumb boys in class.



Going to school on a Saturday morning to kick, punch, and stab clay. Mmm... Violence in school solves everything!






Things have been SOOOOOO hectic lately. Midterms happened, modules changed (new classes beginning), insanity brinked,* I smashed my knee cap between a huge metal pedal at the metal shop and the metal handle on a machine. OWWWWWWW, MOTHER TRUCKER! It's all swollen and bruised now... and I can't bend my leg more than 90 degrees at present. Haha... d'oh.

So right now I'm in the studio reading a book that Dale (our crit) lent to me to explore. It's freaking AMAZING - the work that's in here. Very inspirational. I will be looking at this pretty thoroughly and I hope some of its goodness seeps into my brain. C'mon, osmosis, do some good!

Alright. I'm done here.

*My studio section was informed today by our crit that, as architects, we're allowed to make up words. :oD *giggle*