I was walking through the architecture building today, no reason really, and I happened to run into someone I knew from two years ago. He said hi and I guess I said some kind of hi, but all I could think about was how that kid could NOT draw a straight line to save his life - and he made it in.

Damn GPA rules. I can arch-it-up, but some of my gen eds suck. :o( So there's no way I can totally fix my GPA because I'd need like 40 credits of solid A grades. And there's just not enough time or brain power to do that in one year.

This year man... This year they've GOT to let me in... Or else I don't know what I'm gonna do. I feel so void when I'm not in arch classes. Like a freaking walking zombie.

This sucks.



After class was done today I walked over to the architecture building to pick up last year's exhibit drawings. While in the building, I heard my old 101 professor's voice downstairs so I ran down the stairs to catch up with him.

We got to talking and with a sly smile on his face he prompted, "So tell me all about the situation you're in right now." I told him all about how my last 102 semester went with Chet and that I am taking upper division electives right now. "I figure 'why not' go to school if the U of A gave me grants, so here I am," I said.

We walked over to the graduate studio to find my drawings. When he saw them he said, "Those are very nice! Obviously, you're work is good enough to be in the exhibit and I think you should stick with it!" Then I told him how I had been working for my dad in the summers and he thought it was a very good idea. He said that my experiences will give me an advantage over the other students.

After I had my drawings, he was headed back to his office and my face beamed from all the compliments. Talk about a boost of confidence! :o)