Sorry these pics are so crappy, but yeah. This is the project I'm working on right now. It's a ramada. It's not finished. So... yeah. :o)




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Here is the first project from my studio class. It is called Observatory One and we (my partner and I) studied how people might perceive objects/forms in a different type of lighting. Well, you'll see, just watch it!

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Oof. I've forgotten to post since April?!?! I just noticed that today. Oh, geeze.

But, school is back in session now! It has been for two weeks! AHHH! :oP I'm really trying to handle this semester differently and make more of an effort to manage school + family/friends + possibly work. So far it isn't so bad with the managing (except one person is mad at me because I kinda blew him off, but... well... yeah, I have no viable excuse) and I hope it stays that way (though that is clearly a pipe dream).

So in school we've been working on our first project for studio - a film project. Weird, eh? I think my/my partner's project is going to be very well received and I'll make every effort to post it here since it'll be in video format. How neat ~ you'll be able to see the actual presentation of the final work. Are you excited?! :o)

My other projects might not be as digitally capable for showing, but I'll try to make an effort to upgrade these posts into something more worth while.

And, with that, I am going to move some more of my belongings to the house I'm moving into! :o)

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Pictures and a description of my current project coming soon! It's due April 26th, so keep checking back!


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School = AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! right now. Plain and simple! I've spent so many hours there this semester it's just crazy. cArAzAy!

So yeah. We just had a project review today. I'm not posting pics of mine, cuz it sucked. And we didn't even discuss everyone's drawings - only the ones that kids thought were good. So it was like 15-20 out of 44 total. And it took four hours. FOUR. HOURS. Of my life. GONE.

Now it's after class on a Friday night and I'm doing nothing but alternating between homework and cleaning my room. I'm the life of the party! :oP

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After the first week of school, which consisted of three days, I am (and probably many of my classmates are) already stressed out. I posted a little bit about this in GrooveSalad, so go over there for the original mini-rant. But as I find myself living through this three-day MLK, Jr. weekend, I find myself not wanting to do the homework the professors have assigned.

Don't get me wrong - I'll do all of it; I have to. It's just that there's a huge mental battle going on that makes me want to scream already, haha. Busy work at its finest, folks! Professors shouldn't be allowed to assign such work because (a) it teaches us nothing, (b) it frustrates the crap out of us, (c) it teaches us nothing.

"NOTHING!" -screeching like Will Ferrel as Mogatu in Zoolander



School's back in.

Homework was given in studio and it's due Friday... that's kind of to be expected. What's not to be expected is getting paired with a partner that has a permanent "your ideas suck" mentality, thus making me want to already resort to violence. :oD

Violence on the first day. I'm sure it's happened before. Ha.

Anyway, so our new building is almost ready for us to occupy (although parts of it will still be under construction) so none of the students have desks yet in studio. This is adding to our frustration because we cannot bring in our personal belongings and architectural tools really. It's like living out of a suitcase. HATE.

And as the day went on, I could feel my mood shifting from optomistic to "I hate you you stupid... EVERYONE and everything around me" somewhat in sync with the inbound clouds-of-doom that eventually settled over the city and spit on everyone just enough to make us grumble as we walked outside to our destinations.

And I'm SO frustrated right now that I can't even keep writing.

I'm out.



It's almost Thanksgiving break! I know I haven't kept my promise of updating this with my current projects... mainly because I'm so dang busy working on them all the time! If you think you can study architecture, have a full time job, pay the bills, and have a life, you're wrong. All I can manage is architecture, 10 hours of work a week, and a partial life (which usually is cut back to 0.2% life because sleep really does become luxury when you get it).

Life is grand!

So the rest of the semester is going to be one big work-fest. All projects, all the time.

Oooh, if you're reading this and you know where I can buy various diameters of clear tubes/tubing, please let me know because my current project DEPENDS on it! AYEEE!

It's gonna be Mr. Toad's Wild Ride so you should just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, folks. :o)



i'm almost too tired to type. look, even the caps are getting omitted. screw you, caps! punctuation can stay though. for now. i guess.

i should be going to bed now. so this is all i have for you. just relish in the fact that you have way more free time than i do. and don't tell me that i shouldn't have gone into architecture if it makes me so tired. *crosses arms* you've just been denied access to all of my future structures. *hmph*

more pics to come soon though, because some cool crap has been going on at school. and by cool crap, i'm talking about C's and my project. we're gonna show the boys just how much girls can do. :oP on dumb boys in class.



Going to school on a Saturday morning to kick, punch, and stab clay. Mmm... Violence in school solves everything!