Design Studio:
So far we've been separated into 4 groups and have claimed desks in our U-shaped sections. I didn't get the corner desk as I had hoped - oh well. Instead I got a desk along one of the long sides of the U. At least I'm not by the tip of the U! :o)

We got a project on the first day - it's not bad. Using string (what type is our choice)we have to pick out a site within a designated area on campus and place the string in a way that engages passersby. At first, my group wanted to each put out our own ideas and not really compromise and agree on one design. Today, though, something clicked - we picked a design! We also started putting it together on our site and sketching out drawing ideas for our future presentation. Happy-happy.

WTF. I'm not kidding! We got our first assignment on Tuesday and everyone had the most freaked out looks on their faces, ha, myself included. We're all coming out of the shock today and finally starting to make some progress. For this project, we have to build a load frame around some piano wire and add loading to it to see how the wire reacts. In part two, I overheard, we are supposed to stabilize any bending that takes place in part one. Oh those crazy structures teachers!

Arch. History:
Slides, talking, reading. Enough said for now.

Design Communication:
We only had an intro meeting to this class thus far, but tomorrow we are starting up! This class is going to teach us how to get better at drawing freehand perspectives on the spot... like if we're on a site with a client in the future. Literally, the teacher will pop in a tape and we will draw along with it. Reminds me of those silly sing along tapes they had when I was a kid. (But I never sang... I was more content to watch the bouncing dot. For those of you who know me, this amusement of dot-watching makes perfect sense regarding my personality, huh.)

Well, that's all I have for now. It is currently too late and I have to be up at 6am. Leave comments!



My laptop for architecture just arrived! YUOY! I am setting it up right now and I'm all excited!




Architecture starts Monday, August 21st! We have an all-school (meaning all years of architecture students) assembly and then we're thrown to the wolves. Er, I mean, we have studio. :oD

I'm nervous, excited, relaxed... all of the above! It's taken me a long time to finally get here, but now I have to keep on the upward curve.

That's all I have right now. I'm sure I'll update more after school starts!



i MaDe It InTo ThE aRcHiTeCtUrE pRoGrAm!


As of August 21st, 2006, the real end of my life begins.