I am so proud of the last assignment I just did. It was the Information one where we had to draw "as builts" (construction-like drawings) of former student, Kasey Joseph's (sp?) tension-fitted shelving unit. I know that doesn't explain how it looks at all, so when I get the drawing back, I'll post pictures of it. Well, maybe after our admissions exhibit - just so my work isn't blasted all over cyberspace and blah blah.

Anyway, right now we're working on Project 6.1 and 6.2 which involve 2 point perspective - where things start to look like real objects in nature and the competition gets tougher.

The next and last assignment, Project 7, will include the culmination of all that we've learned this semester. A lot of people in class are kind of sluffing off the fact that Project 7 is a project not to be underestimated. Seriously, I'm not being egotistical here. If you get behind, kiss everything goodbye!




A's still standing.


So we had the professional phase admissions meeting today. A lot of people showed up. I wonder how many of them will actually apply. Doesn't matter. I got my number today.
::back-track:: Left the meeting, met with the Dean, filled out my application, wrote my essay, filled out my hardship petition, printed out my transfer courses aaand I was done.

I can't say that I am not nervous. Anybody who's not nervous isn't ready. There's a lot on the line here. Speaking of a lot on the line, I'm going to go work on this project some more. :o)