So I'm sitting at a red light near the university yesterday and who crosses the crosswalk but this kid from last year's studio.

"Why does this bother you, Groove," you ask?

Because he CHEATED.


In the spring we had to create our exhibits as well as write a one page essay stating why we want to be an architect. Now the rules say that you are NOT allowed to have anybody's help with your things. I saw him not only get a faculty member to help him with his essay, but give him input on his exhibit.

"Why didn't you let the dean know, Groove," you ask? I'll tell you.

When they only accept 48 people and your chance is nil because your GPA sucks... you don't go around snitching on people. I was hoping on the luck of the draw for him to NOT make it simply because he cheated. Now I'm sure he's a nice guy... except for the, you know, lack of integrity.


No-no. I'm fine with the fact that my GPA totally blew and I didn't make it in - because that was my fault. But it cheeses me that my studio grade STILL hasn't been changed to passing - when it was petitioned WAY back in May. There's just NO excuse.



Is that not the most bitchin'
thing you have ever seen?!

Really, folks. How could you
look at that and not be

Simply beautiful.

This is Santiago Calatrava's, Turning Torso apartment tower in Malmö, Sweden.

There is no doubt in my mind that more architects/designers like Calatrava need to be out there building a difference. Aren't you people tired of the typical, boring, cookie-cutter buildings?

Maybe once people realize that buildings aren't just useful structure, but also artwork, things will change around the world.