After the first week of school, which consisted of three days, I am (and probably many of my classmates are) already stressed out. I posted a little bit about this in GrooveSalad, so go over there for the original mini-rant. But as I find myself living through this three-day MLK, Jr. weekend, I find myself not wanting to do the homework the professors have assigned.

Don't get me wrong - I'll do all of it; I have to. It's just that there's a huge mental battle going on that makes me want to scream already, haha. Busy work at its finest, folks! Professors shouldn't be allowed to assign such work because (a) it teaches us nothing, (b) it frustrates the crap out of us, (c) it teaches us nothing.

"NOTHING!" -screeching like Will Ferrel as Mogatu in Zoolander


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