School's back in.

Homework was given in studio and it's due Friday... that's kind of to be expected. What's not to be expected is getting paired with a partner that has a permanent "your ideas suck" mentality, thus making me want to already resort to violence. :oD

Violence on the first day. I'm sure it's happened before. Ha.

Anyway, so our new building is almost ready for us to occupy (although parts of it will still be under construction) so none of the students have desks yet in studio. This is adding to our frustration because we cannot bring in our personal belongings and architectural tools really. It's like living out of a suitcase. HATE.

And as the day went on, I could feel my mood shifting from optomistic to "I hate you you stupid... EVERYONE and everything around me" somewhat in sync with the inbound clouds-of-doom that eventually settled over the city and spit on everyone just enough to make us grumble as we walked outside to our destinations.

And I'm SO frustrated right now that I can't even keep writing.

I'm out.


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