Oof. I've forgotten to post since April?!?! I just noticed that today. Oh, geeze.

But, school is back in session now! It has been for two weeks! AHHH! :oP I'm really trying to handle this semester differently and make more of an effort to manage school + family/friends + possibly work. So far it isn't so bad with the managing (except one person is mad at me because I kinda blew him off, but... well... yeah, I have no viable excuse) and I hope it stays that way (though that is clearly a pipe dream).

So in school we've been working on our first project for studio - a film project. Weird, eh? I think my/my partner's project is going to be very well received and I'll make every effort to post it here since it'll be in video format. How neat ~ you'll be able to see the actual presentation of the final work. Are you excited?! :o)

My other projects might not be as digitally capable for showing, but I'll try to make an effort to upgrade these posts into something more worth while.

And, with that, I am going to move some more of my belongings to the house I'm moving into! :o)

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