It has recently come to my attention that certain upperclassmen of architecture have taken it upon themselves to act like idiotic babies for not doing as well as their colleagues. That is, they're not getting those highly coveted A's.

Chances are, if you're not getting the grade you want, you're not working hard enough. That's what I've found out in the past anyway. And if you up your ante, you're sure to do better. Trust me.

So to those who are chiding those who get the Golden A's... lay the fuck off.



She thinks she is going to buy a sketchbook. She thinks this will help her see her thoughts become reality. Maybe it will make her a better draftsman, and more disciplined.

She hopes that she can live up to her eagerness to do well in architecture. *sigh* She wants to be THE best.



Work is getting more hectic as more projects surface to have work done. I can say, though, it's pretty damn cool going out to someone's backyard and being able to discuss the gunite, tiling, masonry, steel work, etc. of the project phases. It's also really cool to see someone's backyard transform into something completely unique.

I even have my "own office" with two drafting boards and a computer desk. Problem is, it's not that big a room. So hopefully this weekend I'll get some time to organize all the filing cabinets and crap that people of the past just carelessly filled. ARG to them!

On the other hand... I've had the job for thirty-seven days and I don't want to quit! I make my own hours around school - and this is great. Next semester should be more manageable, too, because I only have one class on Mondays and Wednesdays, the bulk of my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and NO classes on Fridays! At least my work and schooling will be separated better - like church and state, HA! (What a nerd...)

I'm excited because my daddio is coming down here this weekend to deliver his and Momma's birthday present to me: an architecty IKEA desk! Thank you Momma and Daddio! It has tons of desktop space and it'll be perfect for my computer and the other loads of crap I keep on my desk... like small babies.

Ok, so I don't keep small babies on my desk... but it made you picture small babies, didn't it! (Which reminds me, DooDoo and CRXbot, of the mini-baby I have that we hide all over the house... LMAO! It currently stares at me in my bedroom!)

Anyway, can't you see that I'm writing this at 4am?! I need to sleep now!