Things have been SOOOOOO hectic lately. Midterms happened, modules changed (new classes beginning), insanity brinked,* I smashed my knee cap between a huge metal pedal at the metal shop and the metal handle on a machine. OWWWWWWW, MOTHER TRUCKER! It's all swollen and bruised now... and I can't bend my leg more than 90 degrees at present. Haha... d'oh.

So right now I'm in the studio reading a book that Dale (our crit) lent to me to explore. It's freaking AMAZING - the work that's in here. Very inspirational. I will be looking at this pretty thoroughly and I hope some of its goodness seeps into my brain. C'mon, osmosis, do some good!

Alright. I'm done here.

*My studio section was informed today by our crit that, as architects, we're allowed to make up words. :oD *giggle*


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