I had a nightmare last night. :o( Everyone I knew was getting accepted into the program - even if they weren't arch or in school! - and then I got accepted too (oddly enough), but for some reason it felt like.... well... good because I was in, but less important because everyone was getting in. Ha. DAMN DREAMS. *shakes fist*

So as I mentioned in a Groove post, I am working for my dad right now and it's mega stress - not because of him or the job in general, but because one of his former employee's messed a bunch of things up. SO I'm trying to help them fix things as well as draw details for things I haven't ever learned how to draw, which can be frustrating in itself. Not to mention everybody else's stress has a ripple effect on everybody else. BOOP!

Also, the physics grades haven't been posted ANYWHERE on UA's site, so architecture can't even finish admitting/denying people - which means they haven't mailed the letters of acceptance/denial - thus, nobody has received notification so we can't even mail back the (acceptance) letters by the July 19th deadline! What the crap is that! The physics professor said he'd have our grades for us on the DAY after the final - and he did, too, because we got all of our homework graded and returned to us the day it was turned in!

Note: If you are extended an acceptance letter you must sign it and mail it back to the architecture faculty to announce your acceptance into the program (or denial if you choose to not study architecture).



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