Ohmygod. Iamsowasted. I went to studio yesterday around 6pm... and left around 4am... was in bed by 430am... fell asleep around 6am (shakes fist at staying awake longer than wanted)... UGH. So drained, but must trudge on for the good of my souuuuuul. Not to mention that I was there Friday and Saturday night for eight or nine hours EACH!

I will gladly accept donations of food and drink. Please send to:

Shmev Goldstienbergerkatz
123 Melworksveryhard Ave.
Shebettermakeit, UA 42005


At 6:16 PM, Blogger DooDooDoo70s said...

Hey, you blog-post-creativity-stealer!!! I already did the "fake addy" thing in one of my very first posts. The toll is $1.25 you unoriginal bastard!!

Oh, sorry you had to stay up so late, but thanks for the wake-up call, Shmev.


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