die Unterlagen-Nummer neun.

So here I am at 459am... drawRing my little heart out. Actually, I am having fun with this one. I only wish my feet didn't feel like they're retaining all the water on the planet! Standing for eight hours will do that - I'm sure you know. It's a bleh feeling - hence why I am taking the time to write... as I sit.

Supposedly today is the assignment of our last studio project - woo! I hope it is the same one we did last year because (a) I love my design, (b) my page is half done from last year, (c) I already have study models... Mmmm, that would be supoib.

In other news: Yesterday was the lecture about professional phase admission. They tell us the rules, we sign our souls away, there is no turning back. So I filled out my application, wrote my one page essay, and rushed to the architecture building. As I had hoped, nobody else had turned in their packet, thus, entering me on the list as the number one panel! WOOOO!

What is a panel and why are you numbered, you ask? There are about eighty gypsum board panels that stand vertically in a V-shape. Four panels to one V. They all stand in the centrum (enclosed, non-foliage atrium) so that we may pin up our year's work for judgement. I think about five people go around and judge all the panels. Hence the numbers - we need to be anonymous in the sake of fairness.

Some people say Number One is good because everybody else's work gets compared to yours. Some people say Number One is good because the jurors might be more lenient as their attention is still fresh. Some people say Number One is bad because the juror might be more strict because they just read the rules. I'm hoping for the first two. That would be gWeat.

Alrighty, I gotta get back to drawRing.


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