Ok, so last night (Monday-turning-Tuesday) I stayed up. That's right. NO sleep. All drafting. All the time. Same draft time, same draft channel. I actually got a LOT done. And, despite my SUPREME want to just go plop into bed right now, I know that I need to attempt some sort of progress on my project. *!@#$%^&*

At least class was good yesterday (Tuesday). Chet and David made us pin up what we had, even though I didn't want to, I did. And, they complimented me. w00t - it's something! Then David tried to help me with my perspective drawing, but he wasn't explaining it very well so he told me to ask Andy - to which AJ, Andy, and I laughed and someone said, "That's what she tried to do all weekend!" (See, Jigg, I'm not crazy here.) So then David moved on to other people and I messed around with my drawing setup. BOO.

Turns out that the one mess-up that I had erased was fine to exist by Chet's words. *!@#$%^&* But, I guess I have to just let it roll off my shoulders because I have more important things to focus on for the pin up this Saturday. (Wish me luck!)

Also wik.

Chet asked everyone in class who is going to apply, but has yet to turn in their application to raise their hands - I think he counted 8 max. And, rumor has it that the number of applicants is only up to 26. So 26 + 8 = 34. And if the numbers are low in other classes, then my chances get even better. WOO!

So wish me luck, because I need it.


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