die Unterlagen-Nummer vier.


Oh, MAN. You should have seen today's studio. Everyone was groggy and over-worked. Of course, this means that everyone else's (except four of us former 102 students') projects kicked ass. We four designed projects that totally would have fit in with last year's set. WHICH, was more simplistic. This year, the newbies decided to break the rules of the assignment and add their own elements to the piece. Grrrr... The project was: We were given a 2D painting on paper and were told to extrude shapes, planes, etc. from what we saw - all elements must be included and none added. NONE ADDED. Grrrrr... So the people that broke the rules were praised - because the broke the rules and made it look good. SO from now on, I shall also break the rules and make it look good. If they give me crap, I'll bring up this project and complain.

Studio is three hours long, twice a week. Today, we started Excercise 5. We are supposed to take a piece of student-designed furniture and draw an informational drawing about it. You know: plan(a.k.a. top view), elevations(a.k.a. front/sides/rear views), isometrics(a.k.a. 3D views). I am excited about this, in particular, because it is exactly what I did for my dad all summer. This project should be a piece of cake that only needs creative input in my page composition. I'll wow them for sure with this one. ::has tricks up sleeve::

One chick even bragged that she called off work to get hers done - the teacher LOVED that. Blah. I'm sorry, but you shouldn't have to shirk other responsibilities JUST for this class.

So most of us were up for like 48 hours or so - including me. Got home today around 1500 and decided to watch tv for a bit. Only made it until 1630 then I completely crashed. Missed phone calls, slept through alarms - I was OUT. Woke up at 0000 when Matt called - Adult Swim time! Too bad I was still super-grogg and couldn't speak any major words to save my life.

Got up, ate some bread with olive oil - I have no snack food and no engergy to concoct pasta. So. Yeah. A few phone calls later, I get online, check email, play a few pogo.com games... and yeah.

I'm done now.


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