die Unterlagen-Nummer acht.

Today was my first day back in studio since being sick. I missed a lot of studios, but with some small review, I will be up and running on the material - it is all stuff I have learned in the past.

Andy was kind enough to plant a design idea in my head and we worked on it through class.

Sarah and I chat a little bit, about her drawing... and about my start to mine... and it was nice. I like her and I hope we become better friends.

Matt (Heitel?) also gave me some help on a confusing situation regarding where to place a plane and what would be visible in the isometric ("3D") view.

After class, I put all my studio stuff in my car and headed towards the Douglass Building to meet with my linguistics professor. On the way down the parking garage stairs, I saw Matt H. walking in the Speedway Blvd. tunnel. I was on the phone with Matt W. (aka squirrelswithNUTS - linked on GrooveSalad) at the time, but after we hung up, Matt H. and I walked and talked about studio all the way to Old Main where we parted ways.

It is just a nice feeling to have friends in class.

Hey, Doo, I think you should go for da bun-ga-low. :o)


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